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Frog Toadstool
Bale SB3

Anthony's Adventures by Moonlight

based on a manuscript by Richard Quarmby

Bale (2009)

a film by Al Mackay and Andy Ryder

Night is when he is most happy,

The sun now out of sight.

Showing off his personality,

Glowing with all his might.

Everyone looks up to him,

No other by his side,

And the sound that always makes him grin,

Is the turning of the tide.

He tells you when to go to bed,

Then awakens all the others.

And nearing dawn, when they are fed,

They climb back under covers.

When his night shift is said and done,

The moon retreats, up comes the sun.

The fantastical journey of young Anthony who, despite his parents' wishes, could not fall asleep but was drawn in by the Moon-illuminated night instead.

He finds an envelope dropped by two barn owls, one using spectacles and the other wearing tweed,and decides to return it to its owner.

This takes him from the Woods of Talking Trees all the way to the Banquet of the Frog King. Along the way he experiences a miriad of magical adventures that will change him forever.

A short film set in rural Britain about adolescence, children's undimmed imagination and the consequences of foolish actions as a group of three young kids build the hay castle of their dreams.

I was the storyboard artist and helped flesh out initial scenes with my work. Being on set and meeting everyone was a very interesting and rewarding experience. The photo below was taken in a field near the village of Glaston.

The film was shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009.

IMDB information can be found  HERE  .

Writer/Director: Al Mackay

Producers: Andy Ryder

Cast: Bradley Badder, Millen Gee, Ashley Vere, Michael Socha

Release: 2009


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