About the Artist:


Award-winning artist Clinton Croson, is based in rural Rutland, smallest county in England.


He specializes in Oil on Canvas portraits of people, pets and cars, however uses other medium to great effect as well.


After graduating from DeMontfort University, Leicester, in 2005, he has been exhibiting at various major cities in the United Kingdom.


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Upcoming News:

The next upcoming Exhibition where my work can be seen is:






Rose in Repose has been accepted into this annual Mall Galeries, London, exhibition.


DATES: 6th - 16th April 2016,


Mall Galleries London, SW1, UK





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- Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci


- Some of the same people who profess to be repelled by the monotonous rows of identical human dwellings in so-called subdivisions, seem to admire rows of identical boxes in art galleries. Rudolf Amheim, Entropy and Art