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Based a few miles from Oakham, LE15.

Mob: 07933303279


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- Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci


- Some of the same people who profess to be repelled by the monotonous rows of identical human dwellings in so-called subdivisions, seem to admire rows of identical boxes in art galleries. Rudolf Amheim, Entropy and Art

Artist Biography:


Clinton Croson was born in 80's Germany; to a German mother and an English father. At the beginning of the 90's a move to South Africa for half a decade widened his horizons about race and culture, however political volatility forced a move to the UK, where he has resided ever since.


Interested in art from a young age, it was good marks and praise for his intuitive vision from his teachers that opened up his artistic possibilities. After achieving his A-levels at Stamford College, Lincolnshire, he took some gap years before a BA in Fine Art at DeMontfort University in Leicester followed. He graduated in 2005.


His love for figuration, for the Old Masters, for baroque greats such as Caravaggio and for more modern masters like Dali, John Palencar or István Sándorfi are almagamated together in his work. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes serious, his work is usually traditional but with a contemporary twist and a reflection of his thoughts about the people and sights around him.


Using his Rutland studio as a base, Clinton has been making a name for himself, exhibiting all around the Midlands, as well as attending art fairs and taking on commissions from the UK and Europe.