How to Commission a Work:


The easiest way is to send an email! Dont be shy! If you have an idea for a gift, to accentuate the decor of a room perhaps, or a commission for a loved one, let me know and we can discuss further details such as size, medium, cost and timeframe.



A proper artwork goes far deeper, has far greater impact than any photo on the wall could ever have.


Especially a well painted work in Oils has a depth which cannot be achieved with a photo. Part of this is probably due to the tactile nature of paint itself as well as using coloured glazes during the painting process. Basically a photo captures the moment and is manufactured within this moment, a painting on the otherhand is created piece by piece, layer by layer, over a period of time so there is a fundamental difference in process.


Alot of Clinton's clients commission him for pet portraits, vehicles, as well portraits of family members, but his versatility is one of his strengths, so if you have an idea in your mind, speak with him to bring these from vision to reality.





Great image of Jasper with Jasper



















Previous Commission Examples:



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Meditating Dolphin








Jasmin and Sad




Untitled, christening present




















- Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci


- Some of the same people who profess to be repelled by the monotonous rows of identical human dwellings in so-called subdivisions, seem to admire rows of identical boxes in art galleries. Rudolf Amheim, Entropy and Art